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St. Osyth Club

Church Square, St. Osyth, CO16 8NU

St Osyth Team


Mr Roger Brown
Mr Jim Bevans
Mr Peter Coleman
Mr Tony Jeffries
Ms Gerdalize Du Toit
Mr Michael Hagel
Mr Bill Patten
Mr Philip Pattern
Mr Glen Morris
Mr Barry Simpson
Mr Ron Gower
Mr Peter Norcott
Mr Terry Williamson


2019/20 Singles Cup Winner Alan Henbest
2018/19 Five-A-Side Cup Runners Up
2018/19 Singles Cup Winner Roger Brown
2017/18 Best Sporting Team
2016/7 League Runners Up
2016/7 Team Pairs Winners
2016/7 Best Sporting Team
2016/7 Men's Highest Average Winner Alan Henbest
2016/7 Pairs Runners Up Alan Henbest & Bill Gouldie
2015/6 Six Card League Runners Up
2015/6 Five a Side Knockout Cup Runners Up
2015/6 Captains Cup Runners Up Roger Brown