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Wash Lane, Clacton on Sea

The Seaspan Public House Team

The Seaspan Public House Team


Mr Charlie Carpentiere
Mrs L Gibbens
Mrs Janet German
Mr John Maundrell
Mrs Anita Sibley
Mr Dave Worth
Mrs Imelda Wyatt
Mr Richard Jeffery
Mr Don Harrop
Mrs Betty Wyatt


2019/20 League Winners
2017/18 League Runners Up
2017/18 Best Male Average Winner Dave Worth
2017/18 Best Male Average Runners Up Jim Plows
2017/18 Best Female Winner Betty Wyatt
2016/7 League Winners
2016/7 Team Pairs Runners Up
2016/7 Best Female Average Winner Chris Wheeler
2015/6 Best Male Average Runners Up Jim Plows
2015/6 Best Female Average Runners Up Chris Wheeler
2015/6 Captains Cup Winner Betty Wyatt
2014/5 Singles Knockout Winner Jim Plowes