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League Results & Table 2019-20

Key to Table - GP = Games Played, S/W = Singles Won, S/L = Singles Lost, D/W = Doubles Won, D/L = Doubles Lost

1St. Osyth47866191797
2Roberts [B]47371221495
3Roberts [A]47569191794
6Comrades [A]47371152188
7Comrades [C]47272132385
8Comrades [B]46480162080

Winter League-Results-2019-20


Tuesday 8th October 2019

Roberts [A]25Comrades [A]20
Conservative18Comrades [C]27
Comrades [B]22St. Osyth23
Seaspan20Roberts [B]25

Tuesday 1st October 2019

Roberts [A]22Seaspan23
Comrades [C]19Roberts [B]26
St. Osyth23Comrades [A]22
Conservative26Comrades [B]19

Tuesday 24th September 2019

Comrades [A]
28Comrades [C]17
Comrades [B]20Roberts [A]25
Roberts [B]17St. Osyth28
24 and aboveNeil Maynard Comrade A
Richard Jeffrey Seaspan

Tuesday 17th September 2019

Comrades [A]18Roberts [B]27
Comrades [C]22St. Osyth23
Roberts [A]22Conservative23
Seaspan26Comrades [B]19
24 and aboveAlan Boarer Conservatives
Glen Morris St. Osyth

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