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Summer League Results & Table 2024

Key to  winter league Table - GP = Games Played, S/W = Singles Won, S/L = Singles Lost, D/W = Doubles Won, D/L = Doubles Lost
Key to  six card league Table - GP = Games Played, S/W = Games Won, S/L = Games Lost,

Comrades [A]1241224
Plough [B]1211521
St. Osyth1191719
Comrades [B]1171917
Plough [A]1171917

Tuesday 9th April 2024

Comrades [B]18Tavern18
Comrades [A]19Conservative17
Seaspan12St. Osyth24
Plough [B]21Plough [A]15
24 and above

Tuesday 2nd April 2024

St. Osyth19Comrades [B]17
Plough [A]17Seaspan19
Conservative15Plough [B]21
Tavern12Comrades [A]24
24 and above  Chris Oldfield Twice 2 & Tony Parfett  Conservatives,
Dave Worth  & Don Harrop   Plough A, Bob Mann    Plough B ,
Rita Day  Seaspan and Peter Coleman  & Lesley Fuller  St.Osyth

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