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Summer League Results & Table 2024

Key to  winter league Table - GP = Games Played, S/W = Singles Won, S/L = Singles Lost, D/W = Doubles Won, D/L = Doubles Lost
Key to  six card league Table - GP = Games Played, S/W = Games Won, S/L = Games Lost,

Comrades [A]14290214290
St. Osyth14267237267
Comrades [B]14250254250
Plough [B]14244260244
Plough [A]14242262242

Tuesday 9th July 2024

Comrades [B]13Seaspan23
Conservatives23Plough [A]13
Plough [B]18Comrades [A]18
St. Osyth20Tavern16
24 and above [28] Peter Dunnett Comrades [B]
24's Bill King Conservatives,Phil Norton & Jackie Norton Plough [B], Rita Day Seaspan and Michael Hagel St Osyth  
Won all six Steve Reynolds Conservatives

Tuesday 2nd July 2024

Comrades [A]19Plough [A]17
Conservatives18Comrades [B]18
Tavern24Plough [B]12
24 and above Ken Russell & Peter Needham Comrades [A], Terry Hare Comrades [B], Steve Reynolds Conservatives and Don Harrop, Dave Worth & Brian Franklin Plough [A] 
Won all six Vic Hart Comrades [A]

Tuesday 25th June 2024

Comrades [A]20Comrades [B]16
TavernPPlough [B]P
Plough [A]22St. Osyth14
24 and above Brian Wray & Brian Franklin [twice] Plough A,Barry Park & Geoff Beales Conservatives and Ken Russell Comrades A
Won all six Bill King Conservatives and John Birnie Plough A

Tuesday 18th June 2024

ConservativePComrades [B]P
Comrades [A]28Seaspan8
Tavern18Plough [A]18
Plough [B]15St. Osyth21
24 and aboveGeoff Knevett Plough [B], Maggie Brebner, Betty Wyatt and Rita Day Seaspan
Won all six Neil Maynard Comrades [A]

Tuesday 11th June 2024

Comrades [B]19Plough [B]17
Plough [A]23Comrades [A]13
St. Osyth21Conservative15
24 and above Gerry Sheriff Conservatives, Imelda Wyatt & Richard Jeffries Seaspan and John Patrick & Tony Arthurton The Tavern.

Tuesday 4th June 2024

Comrades [B]19Plough [A]17
Comrades [A]22St. Osyth14
Plough [B]21Seaspan15
24 and above Ken Russell & Vick Hart Comrades [A] Caine Gentry & Chris Oldfield Conservatives and Jeff Hilton St Osyth.

Tuesday 28th May 2024

Tavern18Comrades [B]18
Conservative16Comrades [A]20
Plough [A]17Plough [B]19
St. Osyth21Seaspan15
24 and above Alan Dyer Comrades [B],Barry Park & Bill King Conservatives, Geoff Knevtt Plough [B] and Maureen Arthurton Tavern.

Tuesday 21st May 2024

Comrades [B]21St. Osyth15
Seaspan20Plough [A]16
Plough [B]19Conservative17
Comrades [A]16Tavern20
24 and above Paul Gale [twice] Tavern, Jeff Hilton & Paul Raymond St Osyth, Betty Wyatt & Richard Jeffries Seaspan, Brian Wray & Sheila Aylett Plough [A], Steve Reynolds Conservatives, Alan Dyer & Del Mansfield Comrades [B] and Vic Hart, John Moore & Kevin Beck  Comrades [A].
Won all six Paul Gale Tavern.

Tuesday 14th May 2024

Plough [A]19Conservative17
Comrades [A]25Plough [B]11
Tavern20St. Osyth16
Seaspan15Comrades [B]21
24 and above Alan Dyer,Del Mansfield & Chris Dunnett Comrades [B] Vic Hart Comrades [A], Caine Gentry Conservatives and Wendy Howitt Plough [A] 

Tuesday 7th May 2024

Comrades [B]10Comrades [A]26
Plough [B]20Tavern16
St. Osyth24Plough [A]12
24 and above Kevin Beck [twice] & Peter Needham Comrades [A], Alan Dyer Comrades [B], Barry Park Conservatives, Rita Day Seaspan, Colin Wiles Plough [B], Viv Gale, Paul Gale & John Pattrick Tavern.
Won all six Phil Mauger  St Osyth

Tuesday 30th April 2024

Comrades [B]20Conservative16
Seaspan15Comrades [A]21
Plough [A]18Tavern18
St. Osyth23Plough [B]13
24 and aboveJohn Moore  Comrades [A], Del Mansfield &  Terry Hare  Comrades [B],Dave Worth  Plough [A] and Colin Wiles   Plough [B]
Won all six Vick Hart Comrades [A]

Tuesday 23rd April 2024

Plough [B]14Comrades [B]22
Comrades [A]PPlough [A]P
Conservative18St. Osyth18
24 and abov Lesley Fuller & Peter Colman St. Osyth, Caine Gentry Conservatives and Jackie & Phil Norton Plough [B]
Won all six Imelda Wyatt Seaspan

Tuesday 16th April 2024

Plough [A]18Comrades [B]18
St. Osyth17Comrades [A]19
Seaspan13Plough [B]23
24 and
Chris Dunnett Comrades B [28] Peter Needham Comrades A, Bill King Conservatives, Marilyn Franklin Plough A, Phil Mauger, St. Osyth, John Patrick Tavern
Won all sixMaggie Brebner Seaspan

Tuesday 9th April 2024

Comrades [B]18Tavern18
Comrades [A]19Conservative17
Seaspan12St. Osyth24
Plough [B]21Plough [A]15
Won all sixTony Parfett  Conservatives, Geoff Knevett & Jackie Norton Plough [B]
Marilyn Franklin  Plough [A] Gary Day, Wayne Harrop & Bob Frew   Seaspan
Paul Raymond [twice]  Peter Coleman & Jeff Hilton   St Osyth and Paul Gale  Tavern.

Tuesday 2nd April 2024

St. Osyth19Comrades [B]17
Plough [A]17Seaspan19
Conservative15Plough [B]21
Tavern12Comrades [A]24
24 and above  Chris Oldfield Twice 2 & Tony Parfett  Conservatives,
Dave Worth  & Don Harrop   Plough A, Bob Mann    Plough B ,
Rita Day  Seaspan and Peter Coleman  & Lesley Fuller  St.Osyth

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