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Clacton Social Club Cribbage League Rule Book

Rule Book

Annual General Meeting26-28
Cessation of League53-55
Cancellation of Matches34-36
Duties of22
Meeting of24-25
Membership of17
Officers of League17
Correspondance with58
Equipment [cards etc.]15-16
Failure to play matches38
Fees-Teams- individuals -Registration9-10
Fixtures [League]11-30-33
Membership of:-
Presentation of Trophies43-49
Amendments to56-57
League positions39
Scoring system37[d][3]
Teams-Composition of39-37[b]
Trophies [cup/shields]
Insurance of14
Voting rights19-20
Rule Book

  • 1 The League shall be known as the Clacton Cribbage League.

  • 2 Membership of the league is open to all Social Clubs and Public Houses in Clacton, Jaywick, Holland-on-Sea, Thorpe-le-Soken and St Osyth.
  • 3 Team players MUST be over 16 years of age and be a member, or an associate member, of the club they represent.
  • 4 No player will be allowed to play, or register, with more than one team at any one time.
  • 5 New Members are permitted to sign and play for a member club on match nights, at the discretion of opposing captain.
  • 6 In the event of a player ceasing to play for a specific team and transferring to another team then 7 clear days notice of intent must be given. They may not play during this notice period for either team
  • 7 Deleted 12th December 2016
  • 8 Each club may field one or more teams in the League.
  • Note: The league reserves the right to contact Club Secretaries to confirm that players registering do belong to the club(s) they state.

  • 9[a] Affiliation fee of £10:00 is to be paid by each TEAM entered into the League.
  • 9[b] Registration. Each player will be required to pay a registration fee of £3.00.
  • 10] These will be reviewed, annually, by the Committee.

  • 11The season will normally run from September to July of each year, with the League knock-out competitions being played throughout the season at a time and place determined by the Committee The Summer league will follow the knock-out competition

  • 12 Each club is responsible for the compliance of the licensing laws and application of all legal responsibilities for their players, visiting team members and their supporters whilst present in the club.
  • 13 No “guest charges” should be made by the home team’s club in respect of the visit of opposing team’s or their supporters. However visiting teams and their supporters must “sign in" according to the home clubs/team’s wishes.

  • 14 Teams should ensure that they, or their club, have adequate insurance cover to replace trophy(s) in the case of loss or damage caused whilst in their possession.

  • 15 Each team shall be responsible for the provision of their own cribbage equipment (cards, boards etc).The board should be placed to the home team players right between the two players. Each player takes two pegs of the same colour. The cards are placed to the left of the board in the middle of the table. Pegging goes down on the outer rows (playing away from the card deck) and comes up on the inner rows (finishing back at the card deck).(5 card league) is "once around"(6 card league) is "twice around."
  • 16 The use of “Low Vision Cards” is acceptable to the league.

  • 17 The League Management Committee is to comprise of the following:
  • a) Permanent Officer Members.
    • (i) President
    • (ii) Vice President
    • (iii) Chairman
    • (iv) PR Member
    • (v) Hon Secretary
    • (vi) Hon Treasurer
    • (viii) Results member
  • b) Team Representatives
    • A representative (normally the team Captain) from each competing team will comprise the remainder of the committee.

  • 18 With the exception of the President/Vice President all other posts at para 17(a) are to be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting to serve for one year or until the date of the next Annual General Meeting.
  • 19 In the event of a vote on any issue being equal, then the President/Vice President or Chairman shall have the casting vote - unless it materially affects his/her Club’s interest when he/she is to vacate the Chair and an impartial member is to be elected for that particular issue.
  • 20 On all issues the Management Committee’s decision shall be final and binding on all clubs/teams.
  • 21 Spare.


  • 22 The Management Committee shall be Responsible for the:
    • (1) Overall efficient running of the League.
    • (2) Holding committee meetings on a regular basis.
    • (3) Recording and retention of minutes of all meetings of the league.
    • (4) Arrangement of league fixtures.
    • (5) Arrangement of Knock-out competitions.
    • (6) Publicising league positions, on a monthly basis.
    • (7) Use of competing clubs facilities for the end of season competitions.
    • (8) Upkeep of all financial accounts (Income and Expenditure) held by, or on behalf of, the league.
    • (9) Payment of all bills in relation to the running of the league.

  • 23 The Management Committee shall be empowered to suspend, withhold or withdraw membership from the League in the event of any breach of discipline or misconduct of any club, team or player.

  • 24 Attendance by all team captains (or their representative) at Committee meetings is mandatory.

  • 25 In the event of a team not being represented at two consecutive Committee meetings then that team may have forty five points deducted from their League total/position, unless, in the opinion of the Committee, such absence was due to exceptional and unforeseen circumstances.

  • 26 The AGM is open to all registered players of the League. However all teams must be represented at this meeting as bids for League places will normally be considered at this time.
  • 27 Any new clubs wishing to join the League will be invited to send a representative to act on their behalf.
  • 28 Non attendance by any team, current or proposed, may mean a possible exclusion from participation in the next season.

  • 29 Each team should consist of six players for each match.
    • a) It is not necessary to field the same six players for both the doubles and singles
    • b) The names of all players shall be declared prior to the commencement of the match.
    • c) Any club fielding less than six players will forfeit the appropriate number of games to the opposition. – A minimum of four players is acceptable for each match.
  • 30 All fixtures will normally be played on a Tuesday evening - unless both teams agree amicably to play on an alternative night. (See also rule 34 -36).
  • 31 Results of each match are to be recorded on the results sheet and signed by each captain, then sent to the PR/Results member by the Friday of the week in which the match is played. (See also rule 36).
  • 32 All League matches should start at the latest by 20.00hrs (8.00pm). Any team failing to present themselves for a match within 10 minutes of the latest time may forfeit the match and furthermore be fined £5 by the committee.
  • 33 Any fines should be paid at the next Committee meeting. Failure to do so may mean exclusion from the League; after consideration of the Committee.

  • 34 Teams should only cancel/postpone matches in exceptional circumstances. A minimum of 48 hours notice is required to the other team captain.
  • 35 A team will only be permitted to postpone/cancel a match twice during a season. It should be noted that a team of four players or more have a chance of winning matches.
  • 36 The team that cancels the match is responsible for notifying the Results, Publicity and Hon Secretary of the: a) postponement b) Replay date c). Result

  • 37 The League competition rules shall be as follows:-
    • a) 5 Card Cribbage will be played - each player being required to discard to the “box” two cards if playing singles and one if playing doubles.
    • b) Each team should consist of 6 players for each match.(See also rule 29).
    • c) The doubles games shall be played prior to the singles in all league matches.
    • d) Each match shall consist of 9 games of Doubles and 36 games of Singles.
    • e) All games - be they doubles or singles should be played and a record of the results of each game recorded. These results will be used to determine those eligible to receive the various trophies at the end of the season.
    • f) For the Doubles each team should be split into 3 pairs.
    • g) Each pair play each of the other teams pairs one game twice round the board. A point is awarded for each game won. A total of nine points are available.
    • h) On the conclusion of the Doubles games each selected player of each team plays each selected player of the opposing team.one game of singles once round the board. Teams may change players if they so wish after each set of three games. Each player must play at least three straight games before they can be changed A point is awarded for each game won. A total of thirty six points are available
    • i) The “box” is to be cut for in all games, (ace counts low court cards all count ten) and in the case of the singles game only, the loser shall receive a 3 hole start.
    • j) Runs to count in any order.
    • k) If a board is tipped over by a player the opposing player/team may claim the game. If the board is tipped over, other than by a player, the game should be restarted; unless agreement is reached on the score at the time.
    • l)Players deemed to have moved a peg backwards will continue to peg from that backwards position. They will not be permitted to rectify their mistake by moving the pegs. Restarting the game will not be permitted.
    • m) If at the end of a game a player or team shall throw in their hand the game will be deemed to be surrendered to the opposition.
    • n) Team Members should not stand behind or beside players who are still playing a game.

  • 38 Teams failing to turn up for matches without the adequate notice (see rule 34/36) will entail that team forfeiting the match and the opposing team will be awarded the match with a score of 45pts to Nil [Winter League] or 36pts to Nil [Summer League]. Subject to confirmation by the League Committee

  • 39 In the event of a tie at the top or bottom of the League at the end of the season a play-off match will be arranged at a convenient date and venue.
  • 40  knock-out competitions will normally take place as following:
    • a) Five-a-Side-Cup. Teams of five club members plus substitutes may enter the competition. Once a player has played for a team, he/she becomes cup tied. Players may not play for more than one team. Clubs may enter more than one team. Teams made up of players from various clubs will also be permitted however all players of such teams must be registered prior to the night of the competition and cannot then play for their normal registered club. No substitutions can take place once a round has started. Entry fee will be agreed by the Committee
    • b) Pairs Only registered league players may enter. (Entry fee will be declared by the Committee.)
    • c) Singles Only registered league players may enter. (Entry fee will be declared by the Committee.)
    • d) Captains Cup. This is open to team captains or the Vice Captain should the Captain NOT be available (No fee payable for this competition.)
  • 41 All competition games will be played “best of five games” throughout.
  • 42 Entry to the knock-out competitions should only be made if the player(s) concerned is/are able to attend all rounds of the competition.


  • 43 The presentation of all trophies will, normally, take place at the end of the playing season at a function made under the arrangements of the League management committee.
  • 44 Spare.
  • 45 Spare.
  • 46 The trophies to be awarded are:
    • 1. Winners-The Truman Trophy Cup
    • 2. Runners Up-Shield
    • 3. Bottom Team-Wooden Spoon
    • 4. Doubles (Pairs) Winners-Shield
    • 5. Double (Pairs) Runners Up-The Phyllis Constable Trophy
    • 6. Highest Aggregate (Men)
      • Winner-The George Constable Cup
      • Runner Up-Shield
    • 7. Highest Aggregate (Ladies)
      • Winner-Shield
      • Runner Up-The (Layzell) Shield
      • 5-a-Side Winners-The Founders Trophy Shield
      • Runner Up-Shield
      • Singles Winner-The Hunt Shield
      • Runner Up-Shield
      • Pairs Winners-The Dyer Cup
      • Runners Up-The Dave Rawlings Shield
      • Captains Cup Winner-The Cowie Shield
      • Runner Up-Shield
  • 47 This cup is to be played for throughout the League season and will be awarded to the team/club judged to be the “Best Sporting” throughout the season.
  • 48 Each team will vote by placing their nominations 1st, 2nd or 3rd based on the teams punctuality, hospitality and gamesmanship. The team receiving the most 1st votes will be declared the winner.
  • 49 In the case of a tie for 1st position then the 2nd position nominations will be used to decide the winning team/club.
  • 50 Teams winning/receiving League trophies will be able to retain them for ONE year, before returning them for presentation in the following season.
  • 51 Teams/Clubs are to insure that all League trophies held by them are maintained in good order and where possible cleaned as appropriate.
  • 52 All trophies - less those issued as personal mementos - remain the property of the League and are subject to return as and when required by the League committee.

  • 53 In the event of the League being wound up the Management Committee is to ensure that:
    • a) All outstanding debts are paid.
    • b) All the accounts are audited.
    • c) Any remaining assets are to be disposed of equally amongst those participating clubs in the season in which the cessation of the league takes place.
  • 54 The accounts are then to be closed/cancelled in their entirety and retained by the Treasurer or other committee member as designated by the Management Committee for five years.
  • 55 Any club(s)/teams which were previous participants in the league, and who have NOT entered for the season in which cessation takes place will NOT qualify for any refund of the leagues assets.

  • 56 Any amendments to the Leagues rules should be forwarded, in writing, to the Honorary Secretary for discussion at the next appropriate Committee Meeting for their approval.
  • 57 Once agreed by the Management Committee the amendment(s) will be issued to clubs/teams for compliance.

  • 58 All correspondence with the league should, in the first instance, be directed to the Honorary Secretary for action as appropriate.
  • 59 These rules of the League have been revised, edited and issued by the League Management Committee. All previous rules editions are hereby cancelled.

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