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Comrades [B]

205 Old Road Clacton-on-Sea CO15 3LT

Comrades [B] Team - 2017

Comrades [B] Team - 2017


Mr Peter Dunnett
Mr Alan Dyer
Mrs Fran Dyer
Mrs Christine Goldhawk
Mrs Maureen Irvine
Mr Keith Lott
Mr Derek Mansfield
Mrs Margaret Mansfield


2019/20 Winners Wooden Spoon
2019 Six Card League Runners Up
2018/18 Runners up Winter League
2018 Six Card League Runners Up
2017/8 Singles Knockout Runner Up Keith Lott
2015/6 Runners Up Winter League
2015/6 Singles Knockout Winner Derek Mansfield
2015/6 Singles Knockout Runner Up Fran Dyer
2015/6 Pairs Knockout Winners Derek Mansfield and Alan Dyer
2015/6 Best Female Average Fran Dyer