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Comrades [B]

205 Old Road Clacton-on-Sea CO15 3LT

Comrades [B] Team - 2017

Comrades [B] Team - 2017


Mr Peter Dunnett
Mr Alan Dyer
Mrs Fran Dyer
Mrs Christine Goldhawk
Mrs Maureen Irvine
Mr Keith Lott
Mr Derek Mansfield
Mrs Margaret Mansfield


2019 Six Card League Runners Up
2018/18 Runners up Winter League
2018 Six Card League Runners Up
2017/8 Singles Knockout Runner Up Keith Lott
2015/6 Runners Up Winter League
2015/6 Singles Knockout Winner Derek Mansfield
2015/6 Singles Knockout Runner Up Fran Dyer
2015/6 Pairs Knockout Winners Derek Mansfield and Alan Dyer
2015/6 Best Female Average Fran Dyer