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Relax playing a card game with your friends.

From absolute beginner to experienced player we

invite everyone who may be interested to come along.

Cribbage - A great card game


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Cribbage is a great card game

It keeps the grey matter active as well as giving us the chance to make new friends. The young and "not so young" can enjoy sharing a common interest, besides we look forward to hearing from you!

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Champions Humbled

The first round of matches left Comrades [A] reeling from a shock defeat by table leading Roberts [B]. It's early days but the strong performance by Roberts [B] bodes well for the season, Read more

could we be seeing the demise of the all conquering Comrades [A]? First twenty fours of the season go to Alan Boarer from the Conservative Club and Glen Morris of St. Osyth.

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Tuesday 24th September 2019

Comrades [A] V Comrades [C]
Comrades [B] V Roberts [A]
Seaspan V Conservatives
Roberts [B] V St. Osyth

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Cribbage boards are put to one side, while everyone enjoys a little refreshment.

About Our League

The league was formed by George Constable from Comrades at a meeting with the representatives from six local social clubs on Wednesday 6th July 1983.

Eleven different teams began playing in the first competition two months later on Tuesday 6th September. From these initial teams only the Comrades is still playing. However, a further seven teams have subsequently joined so most importantly now giving us a workable vibrant league.

From 1989 we regularly participated in a competition with the Colchester League until regrettably, they disbanded in 2004.

The History of Cribbage

In the early 1600s, Sir John Suckling an English courtier, poet, gamester and gambler invented cribbage, which he derived from the earlier game of Noddy.

Originally, a five-card game was played where each player discarded only one card to the crib. Nowadays the six-card game is more popular with each player discarding two cards to the crib.

Cribbage is very popular in the United States of America and Canada with many cribbage leagues and clubs in existence; in England, it is the only game that can legally be played in a public house for money.